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VersaSpa PRO Sunless Spray Tanning

The latest innovation in sunless spray tanning is here! The new VersaSpa PRO was made with comfort, luxury and customization in mind. The VersaSpa PRO features three treatment sessions; a pH balancing prep, sunless bronzing(clear or instant) and anit-aging hydration- these are all applied using a warm air application. Your beautiful bronze tan from the VersaSpa PRO will shine!


NEW features of the VersaSpa PRO sunless spray tan system:

  • BronzeBoost, add an extra sunless bronzing application to your legs or face 

  • Choice of 4 different sunless bronzing  levels, light, natural, dark and extra dark

  • Cozy warm air dry, you'll be wrapped in ultra warm air after each spray application

  • 3 spray nozzle application, this creates an ultra fine mist for more even coverage

  • All inclusive, you'll receive the full 3 treatment sessions with your choice of clear or instant bronzer


You're going to love the VersaSpa PRO Sunless Spray Tan!

Prior to arriving at Chicago Tanning Company:

  • Shower & Exfoliate Your Entire Body(Helps to create an even and longer lasting tan)

  • Shave/Wax(Shaving after your session will shorten the life of your tan)

  • Do not apply any moisturizer to your body(Lotion serves as a barrier to the VersaSpas spray)

  • Wear Loose Fitting Clothing(Tight clothes can rub against your skin and alter the evenness of your tan)


After Your VersaSpaPRO Spray Tan Session:

We recommend waiting 6-8hrs after your session to shower.  This time period gives your radiant sunless tan time to develop.  During this time you should not perform any activities that make you sweat or involve exposure to water.


To prolong your tan and keep your skin hydrated, use a premium moisturizer after you shower and several times throughout each day.  Talk to a Chicago Tanning Company associate about the best moisturizers and sunless products to use to extend the life of your tan.

Watch these videos for more information and session demonstrations on VersaSpaPRO!

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