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At Tanning 120, we provide our clients with the most luxurious and modern tanning beds in the world- Ergoline sunbeds. These German-made tanning beds, ensure our client's are getting the natural-looking, deep dark, bronze tan they desire. Ergoline prides itself on modern styling, powerful tanning and luxurious features- come see our tanning beds make us McHenry's best tanning salon!

Ergoline Tanning Beds

Level 6 Tanning Beds - OpenSun 1050

- 12min MAX

- A high-pressure bronzing bed

- Beautiful bronze tanin just a few sessions

This sunbed features specialty bronzing lamps that bring out the deep, dark bronze tones in your skin- perfect for clients of all skin tones. This is our MOST popular tanning bed.

Level 5 Tanning Beds - Prestige 1100

- 10min MAX

- The world's most powerful tanning bed

- See an immediate difference

This sunbed is packed with features: Air conditioning, aroma therapy, aqua mist, MP3 player, shoulder tanner, etc! You'll be in and out fast- noticing a wonderful tan in just a few sessions.

Level 4 Tanning Beds - Sunrise 480


- 9min MAX

- The world's most powerful stand-up

The Sunrise480 is THE best stand-up tanning bed in the world! Featuring the same tanning lamps as our Level 5 Prestige 1100, this bed will produce a glowing tan in no time!

Level 3 Tanning Beds - Passion 40/3

- 15min MAX

- Powerful facial tanners

- 3D sound system

An amazing mid-level tanning bed with facial tanners comparable to a Level 5 sunbed! Achieve your base tan 2-3x quicker than our Ambition 250 tanning beds.

Level 2 Tanning Beds - Ambition 250

- 15min MAX

- Bronzing facial tanners

- 3D sound system

This is one of the best entry-level tanning beds- perfect for slowly building or maintaining your tan. Our Ambition series features 3 powerful facial tanners and a 3D sound system to enjoy while you tan!

Interested in a sunless spray tan? 

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